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ANIMATED: London Fletcher Hit On Tom Brady Draws Questionable Personal Foul Call

Late in the first half, with the Patriots driving, Tom Brady scrambled out of the pocket, headed up the field, and slid to avoid a hit. Redskins linebacker London Fletcher hit him anyway, but not particularly hard and, seemingly, not maliciously. You can see that hit in the animated GIFs here:



Fletcher got flagged for that hit, though, with the referee who threw the flag making sure to leave his arm in the air like Michael Jordan hitting a fadeaway. Referee Jeff Tripletee explained the call as a personal foul for a "forearm to the helmet of a quarterback", and was showered with boos at FedEx Field for saying that.

Fletcher, one of the NFL's longest-tenured linebackers, is not regarded as any sort of a dirty player. Brady, whose knee injury in 2008 helped usher in an era of greater protection for quarterbacks, has long been seen as one of the NFL's most-favored players. This hit is certain to be dissected all week — and, given that the Patriots scored on the drive, may end up swinging this game.

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