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VIDEO: Dez Bryant Gets Wide Open For Touchdown As Defenses Continues To Get Beat Deep

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The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants might need to re-evaluate their secondaries after their game on Sunday Night Football. Dez Bryant found himself wide open behind the Giants defense to catch a 50-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo, extending the Cowboys lead to 34-22 midway through the fourth quarter.

Bryant's long bomb of a touchdown pass followed up similar deep receiving gaffes from each team as teammate Laurent Robinson hauled in a long bomb of his own to set up the Cowboys' last touchdown and the Giants' Mario Manningham did the same on a previous possession as well. Hakeem Nicks also found himself open for a 64-yard reception earlier in the game.

Bryant's touchdown was only his first reception of the game, and a quiet one at that considering his lone punt return went for just 10 yards. Tony Romo has been working to pass the ball around, however, as he's connected with eight different players on his way to 270 yards and four touchdowns.

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