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NFL Playoff Picture 2011: Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens Fighting For AFC North

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The Steelers and Ravens are battling it out for the NFC North crown and both seem destined to make the playoffs.

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The NFC North is heading down to the wire, withe the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers tied atop the standings through 14 weeks. Both teams are well on their way to making the playoffs, at 10-3 through this past weekend, but the division crown remains in question. The Ravens currently hold the tiebreaker based on head-to-head-wins.

The Steelers lead the AFC wildcard at this point in the season, with a two-game cushion over the New York Jets, who hold the second wildcard spot and No. 6 seed as it stands now. With just three weeks left, it looks as though both the Ravens and Steelers will end up in the playoffs, with one taking the division crown, and perhaps a bye in the first round, and the other earning the top wildcard spot.

The Cincinnati Bengals are also alive in the playoff picture, sitting just one-game back of the Jets in the wildcard standings. The Bengals are in a three-way tie with the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders, though all three teams are chasing the Jets for one playoff spot.

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