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Todd Haley Fired: Josh McDaniels' Name Will Come Up During Coaching Search

The Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with head coach Todd Haley this morning. One possible replacement for Haley is Josh McDaniels, who knows GM Scott Pioli from their days working in New England.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are officially in the market for a new head coach. The team announced this morning that Todd Haley has been relieved of his duties, following an ugly loss to the New York Jets. All ready the league is buzzing with potential replacements for Haley. Many are already speculating on the possibility of Josh McDaniels, the current offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, landing the job and reuniting with his old friends from his New England days. 

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network speculated this morning that McDaniels will be a strong candidate. ESPN's Adam Schefter mentioned the possibility on Sports Center this morning. There was already talk of McDaniels as a potential replacement for Haley before yesterday's game. 

This is, of course, the same Josh McDaniels that coordinates the league's worst offense. The same Josh McDaniels that was fired last December before Broncos fans could form a vigilante committee. So why is he being talked about for another head coaching job? 

McDaniels and Pioli came to prominence in New England, forming a close friendship there before each headed out for greener pastures in 2009. McDaniels, the former offensive coordinator for the Patriots, is also the man credited with putting quarterback Matt Cassel on the map when Cassel took over for an injured Tom Brady in 2008. McDaniels could breath some life into Cassel again, giving the Chiefs another season to find their next quarterback. 

Other candidates will be mentioned as possibilities for the Chiefs as the coaching carousel starts turning faster in January. If Kansas City really is a possibility for McDaniels, it's likely his only shot at a head coaching gig. If that fails to materialize he may stick around for a second season in St. Louis, working for a new head coach this time.