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Todd Haley's Firing By Chiefs Shouldn't Be A Huge Surprise

The Kansas City Chiefs made the decision to fire Todd Haley sometime late Sunday night when they started negotiating an exit strategy with him. The Chiefs are 5-8 and Sunday's game against the New York Jets -- a 37-10 loss, Haley's last as the Chiefs head coach -- was the final straw for team owner Clark Hunt and GM Scott Pioli.

There was one drive in particular that could have foreshadowed Haley's departure.

In the second half of the game on Sunday, Haley's Chiefs were getting blown out and on one drive they entered meltdown mode committing eight penalties (two of the declined). The Chiefs committed over 80 yards in penalties on one drive. One of those penalties also came against Haley for saying something to the refs, which is a bad look for a head coach, especially when you're mid-blowout.

Head coaches receiving unsportsmanlike conduct penalties doesn't happen very often. It was the sign of a coach losing control, a microcosm of what his team did that day against the Jets. The emotional break downs filtered down to the players as Le'Ron McClain later received a similar personal foul shouting from the bench.

Put simply, the Chiefs were everything preach against -- inconsistent and undisciplined.