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Colt McCoy Didn't Display Concussion Symptoms During Game, Says Mike Holmgren

Cleveland Browns Team President Mike Holmgren offered further details of the team's in-game handling of a concussion suffered by Colt McCoy at a Wednesday press conference. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Holmgren acknowledged that the team did not give McCoy a SCAT2 concussions test on the sidelines because the quarterback did not exhibit signs of a concussion and the training staff missed the hit.

Cleveland came under fire for their handling of the situation from McCoy's father. Both the league and the NFLPA investigated the situation. Holmgren told the media today that he does not expect any discipline against the team. He added that the NFL and the NFLPA will work with the Browns to improve their procedures for handling similar incidents. 

Some of the training staff was busy dealing with an injury to tight end Alex Smith, which was part of the reason why they did not see the hit on McCoy. An NFL observer watching from the booth did not call down to the sidelines because the assumed the doctors and training staff had seen the hit.

When McCoy came off the field, he was complaining about his hand. Holmgren described McCoy as "lucid" on the sidelines. With McCoy reporting or showing no signs of a concussion and the training staff having not seen the hit, head trainer Joe Sheehan gave head coach Pat Shurmur the all clear to put McCoy back on the field. 

McCoy did not show signs of a concussion until after the game, according to the Browns. 

Steelers linebacker James Harrisons is appealing a one-game suspension for the helmet-to-helmet hit on McCoy that caused the injury. Harrison was penalized for roughing the passer during the game.

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