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Sam Hurd Arrested On Federal Drug Charges

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Bears WR Sam Hurd was arrested in Chicago Wednesday night on federal drug charges.

Sam Hurd has a problem and it's not playing time with the Chicago Bears. According to the Dallas Morning News, Hurd was arrested on Wednesday night on federal drug charges. Hurd is a former Dallas Cowboy and the charges came out of Dallas, according to the report.

According to authorities, Hurd allegedly attempted to purchase drugs from a supplier here in North Texas, which is where the case will be adjudicated. The local office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is handling the investigation, authorities said.

No other details on the situation right now.

It'll be interesting to see how the Bears respond to this because Hurd is hardly a key component of their offense with just eight receptions for 109 yards this year. Players that don't have integral roles on the team tend to get released after situations like this.

Hurd, 24, started his career in 2006 with the Cowboys, where he stayed for five seasons before moving to the Bears this year.