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Jay Cutler Injury: Outside Chance Bears QB Could Return For Packers Game

Jay Cutler's injury was originally thought to be a season ending one for the Chicago Bears quarterback, but there's an outside chance that he could make a return for his team's second to last game against the Green Bay Packers. Lambeau Field on a December night isn't exactly the best place to make a return from an injury that prevents one from gripping a football, but Cutler told a reporter from CBS that there is an outside chance he could make a comeback.

"I'll say outside...I wouldn't say it's good or definite or a real possibility, but there's always a chance."

Obviously, Cutler and the Bears aren't terribly optimistic about a return, and whether or not he decides to play through any discomfort could be influenced by the outcomes of various Week 15 games. The Bears currently trail the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions by one game in the NFC Wild Card race. If the Bears defeat the Seattle Seahawks and one of those two teams slips up, suddenly the incentive for Cutler to rush back becomes much greater.

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