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ANIMATED: Michael Turner Tosses Eric Weems With A Purpose

Typically, a vicious stiff arm is reserved for an opponent in pursuit. A well-placed, powerful stiff arm can be one heck of a highlight reel play, as well as allowing the ballcarrier to get free for a big gain. Everybody loves a good stiff arm.

But sometimes, friendly fire just happens. Like on Thursday Night Football, when Eric Weems got in Michael Turner's way. Turner, the Falcons' bowling ball of a running back, didn't even let the minor obstruction slow him down, instead tossing Weems aside with ease.

As an added bonus, Turner's teammate toss served as a block. All he did was fling Weems into two defenders, allowing him to pick up some extra yards. It was a productive toss!


Seems like more running backs should try this.

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