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VIDEO: Cam Newton, Richie Brockel Run Fumblerooskie Play To Put Panthers Up 21-0 Over Texans At Halftime

The visiting Carolina Panthers have been dominating the hometown Houston Texans through the first half of their Week 15 matchup. The Houston offense has been largely stymied by the Panthers surprisingly touch defense, while quarterback Cam Newton has already thrown two touchdown passes.

Not content to settle for merely dominating the Texans, the Panthers turned to the confusion gambit late in the second quarter. Newton and Richie Brockel conspired with the rest of the Carolina offense to put together what can only be described as a variation of the "fumblerooskie" trick play. Have a look for yourself:

Newton took the snap and simultaneously faked a fumble, spin move and run while surreptitiously passing the ball to Brockel on the sly. Brockel was able to easily run around to the left and end up with a 7-yard rushing touchdown to put the Panthers up by a score of 21-0, which is where the teams stand at halftime.

Another angle on the play:


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