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2012 Super Bowl Will Be Streamed Online

The NFL announced that for the first time ever the Super Bowl will be streamed online. NBC will also stream wildcard Saturday and the Pro Bowl.

The Super Bowl is coming to your computer screens and mobile phones. The NFL announced on Tuesday that for the first time every they'll stream the 2012 Super Bowl online, which means you can watch the big game on your computer and/or your mobile phones.

NBC has the rights to the Super Bowl this year and they already stream Sunday Night Football games on their website so they should have a grasp on how to effectively get this done. That said, the Super Bowl is far and away the most viewed television program each year so NBC and the NFL can expect more viewers than your usual Sunday night game.

In addition to the Super Bowl, NBC wil stream wildcard Saturday as well as the Pro Bowl. The streams will be available on NBC's and the NFL's website, as well as NFL Verizon's NFL Mobile app.

This is the next step in how viewers consume their programming so I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the networks followed suit in the following years.