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Colt McCoy's Concussion Likely To Cost Him Another Game

For the second week in a row, Colt McCoy is unlikely to start for the Cleveland Browns due to a concussion. McCoy suffered the concussion in Week 14, after taking a helmet-to-helmet hit from James Harrison. Harrison was suspended for the hit, but he'll be back on the field before McCoy is. The Browns' starting QB missed Week 15's loss to the Arizona Cardinals and is expected to miss the Week 16 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens, who are in a race for the AFC North crown and the top seed in the AFC, will probably be happy to see Seneca Wallace instead of McCoy. On twitter, AP reporter Tom Withers said that McCoy was sent home from practice for his concussion-like symptoms. Withers also quoted Browns coach Pat Shumur as saying, regarding Wallace, "More than likely he'll be the starter, for sure."

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