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Bill Cowher Talking With Chargers, NY Post Claims

A report claims Bill Cowher has already talked with the Chargers, despite Norv Turner not (yet?) getting fired.

This is hard to buy right now -- the New York Post reports that the San Diego Chargers have already interviewed free agent head coach Bill Cowher. Yes, the Chargers still employ head coach Norv Turner, who still has a legitimate shot at bringing his team to the playoffs. And, yes, Bill Cowher has repeatedly said he won't be getting back into coaching at the moment, instead spending his Sundays with CBS.

Here's exactly what the New York Post claims:

I was told this week by an in-the-know source with intimate knowledge of the San Diego sports scene that Cowher already had "an interview'' with high-ranking people inside the Chargers organization who were gauging his interest and that he expressed his interest in the job should Norv Turner be fired.

The Cowher-to-San-Diego calls may not be that crazy. If Turner is fired by the Chargers, a new GM could be on his way as well. So then you'd have a franchise that's A.) in a nice weather city and B.) already has a franchise quarterback and C.) needs a total house cleaning. That can be intriguing to some of the big name coaches, like Cowher.

But Cowher has repeatedly stated that he does not want his name attached to a job that is currently held by someone else. He's been adamant about that. That's why I have trouble believing that he's already held an interview with San Diego.