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Complete AFC Playoff Picture: Two More Spots Up For Grabs

As we enter Week 17 there are only two more playoff spots up for grabs as the Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Steelers have already clinched spots.

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We have a good idea of what the AFC playoff picture looks like with four teams already clinching spots in the postseason. There are two remaining spots available and then the results of Week 17 could shift some of the seeding around.

If the playoffs started today, the AFC seeds would be: 1.) New England Patriots 2.) Baltimore Ravens 3.) Houston Texans 4.) Denver Broncos 5.) Pittsburgh Steelers 6.) Cincinnati Bengals.

The Patriots can clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win next week while the Ravens can do the same if they win. The Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Steelers have all clinched playoff spots so there are only two playoff spots remaining at the moment.

The final two spots will come from the winner of the AFC West and then the final wildcard spot.

In the AFC West, the Broncos simply need to beat the Chiefs in Week 17 and they're in. They beat them earlier this season at Arrowhead and this time around the game is in Denver. If the Broncos lose, then the Raiders get in with a victory over the Chargers.

The final wildcard spot is a little more complicated but only if the Bengals lose. Cincy can win and they're in, which would settle the final wildcard spot. The Bengals can also get in if they lose as long as the Jets lose and the Raiders lose, or the Jets lose and the Broncos lose.

If the Bengals lose, it opens the door for a number of other scenarios for the final wildcard spot.

Jets: They can clinch a wildcard spot in a couple of ways and it starts with them winning in Week 17. The other two scenarios: 1.) Bengals lose, Titans lose or tie and the Raiders lose or tie. 2.) Bengals lose, Titans lose or tie and the Broncos lose or tie.

Titans: They need a number of things to happen but it starts with winning in Week 17. From there, we see three scenarios in which they get in: 1.) Bengals lose, Jets win and Raiders lose or tie. 2.) Bengals lose, Jets win and Broncos lose or tie. 3.) Bengals lose, Jets lose or tie, Raiders win and Broncos win.

Raiders: They can clinch the AFC West title (see above) if Denver loses. But if the Broncos win, they can still get in through the wildcard but they need a lot of help. The Raiders wildcard scenarios: 1.) Raiders win, Bengals lose and Titans loss or tie. 2.) Raiders win, Bengals lose and Jets win.