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Colt McCoy Could Return For Week 17 Vs. Steelers

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy could return for the season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to a story in the National Football Post. McCoy has been out with a concussion since Dec. 8 -- coincidentally in a game against the Steelers -- but could receive clearance to practice as soon as Wednesday.

Browns coach Pat Shurmur didn't exactly guarantee McCoy's return, but definitely did not rule out his participation in comments to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

"I can't cross that bridge yet," said Shurmur. "We'll know more Wednesday when we start practicing for the Steelers and then we'll talk about it then. And I'm not trying to be vague. That's the case."

James Harrison received a one-game suspension for the helmet-to-helmet hit that gave McCoy the concussion, although he did remain in the game. He was not diagnosed until the next day, when he revealed that he did not remember parts of the game. McCoy has had a solid, if unspectacular year, throwing 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

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