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Tom Brady's Injury Has Him Probable For Bills-Patriots Game

The final injury report lists Tom Brady as probable for the New England Patriots this weekend against the Buffalo Bills. The Patriots QB missed Wednesday's practice for non-injury related reasons, was listed as limited in Thursday's practice and now comes in at probable for the game.

Clearly, Brady will play. I don't think there was ever a real question about that (though any news about Brady makes Boston go insane).

The Patriots are stilli playing for something -- home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. If they win, they won't leave home unless they make it to the Super Bowl. A Patriots loss combined with a Ravens loss (or a Ravens loss and Steelers loss) and they'll lose home field advantage falling to the No. 2 seed.

The Patriots have given every indication they'll be playing their starters this week -- Logan Mankins and Sebastian Vollmer have been ruled out with injury -- so it Brady should be playing the entire game if it's close.

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