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Chad Ochocinco, Kobe Bryant Demonstrate The Proper Use Of An F-Bomb

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A cuss word here and there can serve a purpose and make a point. Drop one in to a joke with the correct timing and it can make a funny anecdote a hilarious one. Throw too many around all willy-nilly, though, and the effect of the four-letter word is diminished. It's a fine line.

So I was please to see two athletes, within minutes of each other, demonstrate the proper use of an f-bomb. The athletes were from opposite ends of the spectrum, but still found a way to meet in the middle. Kobe Bryant and Chad Ochocinco each made a funny in different ways, but both made their statements pop with an f-bomb.

First up, Chad Ochocinco with a joke.

385846_10150376188880264_192889005263_8740014_188258410_n_normal Failed a safety test.Question was "what steps would you take in the event of a fire?" Apparently "f---in big ones" wasn't the right answer. @ochocinco via Twitter
And next, we hear from Kobe Bryant as he addresses his health.
Kevmug2010twitter_normal Kobe on his health: "Doesn't matter. All you guys think I'm over the f-----' hill anyway." @KevinDing via Twitter
This has been your Friday F---in Update.