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NFL, NFLPA Negotiations 'Feels Kind Of Like Whack-A-Mole'

Here's a description of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between the NFL owners and NFL Player's Association that you don't hear very often -- whack-a-mole. 

Indeed, that's the way player rep Domonique Foxworth describes the negotiations. Speaking with 104.3 The Fan in Denver, Foxworth was asked what the sticking point was in negotiations.

"That's the difficult thing. ... It feels kind of like whack-a-mole. They'll say this is one issue and we'll whack that mole and then something else will pop up that this is the major issue. We're always trying to catch up to what it is. That's why I feel that's part of the strategy. ... Some people want us to get to a lockout and some people recognize how lucrative this business is ... and what to make sure it goes forward."

The players have the advantage of pointing to the NFL with the burden of proof to prove that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Though neither side has garnered the complete, unwavering support of the public, the NFL has yet to fully explain why the current situation is broken, and that's the reason we're here -- they opted out of the deal.

I think there are far too many issues to agree with everything the owners say, or everything the players say, but there is a feeling that the fans don't exactly know what this fight is all about.

Check out Foxworth's full interview transcribed at Sports Radio Interviews.