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Shaun Rogers Free Agency Tour May Be Over After Visits To Redskins, Chiefs And Saints

The Cleveland Browns last week released DT Shaun Rogers and he quickly became a hot commodity on the open market. There were as many as 10 teams at one point believed to be interested in him and he took three visits that we know of including to the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that, as of now, Rogers has no more visits scheduled. That doesn't mean he can't take more but at the moment there aren't any more scheduled. 

There have been indications in the past that he wants to be on a winning team after spending his entire career with the Detroit Lions and Browns. If that's the case, the Chiefs and Saints probably make the most sense out of the three teams he's visited.

The CBA between the NFL owners and Player's runs expires after March 3rd so if Rogers is going to sign, it'll need to be before that date. After that date, he can not sign with anyone until a new labor deal is reached. That's part of the reason many expect him to sign relatively quickly.

Rogers played in the 3-4 defense last year with the Browns at nose tackle and defensive end. It's unclear if he prefers one defense to the other (he played a 4-3 in Detroit), and he's also been to Pro Bowls in both defenses.