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Antonio Cromartie Doesn't Care About Rumor Jets Won't Re-Sign Him

On Wednesday, NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported the New York Jets are expected to let CB Antonio Cromartie leave via free agency (whenever a new CBA gets done and we actually have free agency). The news was somewhat of a surprise because, even though he's had his issues, Cromartie is still a solid player for New York.

Cromartie took to his Twitter account following the news to say he doesn't know anything about it:

U know I could careless about a rumor because as of now and until me and my business partners are told otherwise I'm a JET to the end. Gang Green baby. Plus it's just a rumor. Lol

Though Cromartie may be right, it's interesting to try to figure out where he fits on the priority list. LB David Harris has the franchise tag and the Jets have a pair of receivers who may be higher on the priority list, SB Nation's Gang Green Nation writes.

I still think it would make sense to put Cromartie lower on the list of priorities. David Harris is the best free agent the Jets have. Receivers to help Mark Sanchez develop should probably rate higher than a number two corner on what will likely be a very good defense either way. Cornerbacks tend to make way too much on the market.

Until the labor deal between the owners and players is done, we may not know whether this is a rumor or not. Until that happens, there won't be free agency so Cromartie will be a Jet.