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NFL, NFLPA Leaders Meet For Fifth Consecutive Day In Pursuit Of Labor Deal

The NFL and NFL Player's Association met for a fifth consecutive day under federal mediation in Washington, according to NFL Network's Albert Breer, and we don't have a good grasp on how things are going. The two sides are attempting to strike a labor deal before the current Collective Bargaining Agreement ends on March 3rd. 

We don't know what's been going on because both sides have been quiet. From the players side, QB Charlie Batch spoke briefly on Monday indicating that things are going well because both sides are talking.

The NFL is lead by Commissioner Roger Goodell while the NFLPA chief is Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and those two have attended every session the last five days. Current players Batch, FB Tony Richardson and LB Scott Fujita were in on the negotiating session this week but they left on Monday night and have been replaced by LB Hunter Hillenmeyer and CB Domonique Foxworth. Joining the NFL owners on Tuesday was Redskins GM Bruce Allen.

That the two sides continue to talk privately and not publicly has to be considered progress considering both sides attempted to negotiate through the media previously. Both sides committed to seven consecutive days of negotiations which will end on Thursday.

The NFLPA is holding a meeting with some agents at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this week and NFL owners are meeting near Washington D.C. on March 2nd and 3rd. The current deal expires March 3rd.