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VIDEO: DeSean Jackson On The View With Barbara Walters And 'Whoopi Gold Bird'

Because the thought of DeSean Jackson going on The View just wasn't quite hilarious enough on its own, DeSean went and upped the ante when he posted this picture:


...With this caption:

Big shout to the View whoopi gold bird and barbara Walters!! Had a great time !!

Just outstanding. Let's all give a shoutout to Whoopi Gold Bird in DeSean's honor. And while the rest of the country remains focused on the Super Bowl and the pending NFL lockout, it's kind of refreshing to see DeSean over here on The View, just hanging with Babs and Whoopi, being hilarious, and helping out a kid that needed some love. Video is after the jump.

SB Nation Philadelphia has the backstory of the young man that DeSean and his Eagles teammates met:

Basically, a group of seven kids decided to pick on this kid because he was small and his mother was African. They beat him up and left him hung from a fence, but the worst thing though is that the kids filmed the whole thing and despite the fact that Nadin was screaming for help passers by did nothing.

Pretty scary stuff, which makes it even cooler that the boy was able to come on television to talk about it, and even better that DeSean and his teammates could show up to make it a more memorable experience for him. And as for DeSean, himself? Spelling errors and contract uncertainty aside, it's just good to see he's still out here cookin.

(Also, you should probably go buy a canary and name it Whoopi Gold Bird.)