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Add Leaky Cowboys Stadium Roof To 2011 Super Bowl Problems

Apparently, Dallas, 2011 Super Bowl week and the weather don't get along.

First, we saw Dallas roads covered in ice on Tuesday and Wednesday as a big (big for Dallas, at least) snowstorm hit the city. By Thursday, the roads were clearing up and things seemed to be looking up for the city of Dallas. And of course on Friday it snowed even more.

The latest weather-related problem? Cowboys Stadium has a leaky roof.

A small rain picked up shortly before halftime and has been coming down ever since. We heard from a few folks that the roof was leaking outside the press box and went up there to check it out. The leak was apparently small and it was only in the concourse outside the press box so it wasn't on the same level as ice falling off the stadium roof. Any other Super Bowl and it'd be a small blip on the radar but with everything that's gone wrong this week, it's noteworthy.

I asked a stadium employee if the roof was leaking and he confirmed that it was. He looked down and apparently noticed my press credential and camera in hand, and told me that it was leaking "down there" and pointed to where I had walked over from.

And then a man walked up and started mopping up the area right in front of us. Hmm.

If I had to guess, the stadium employee realized this was yet another problem this week and tried to send me the other direction so that I wouldn't be writing anything about it.