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NFL Lockout: Deadline Could Be Extended If NFL, NFLPA Make Progress

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and players expires at 11:59 p.m. on March 3rd. That about 36 hours or so from this posting and it doesn't look like the two sides will be coming to an agreement by then. Miracles can happen but there hasn't been much indication of progress, let alone bridging the entire massive gap between the two sides heading into the start of mediation.

The one glimmer of hope we may have right now is extending the current deadline. In theory, that gives us an ending date to all of this. Perhaps the two sides decide to extend the current -- week? two weeks? month? -- to give them enough time to get a deal done.

So is that possible? NFL general counsel Jeff Pash says it's not off the table.

"I think we have to see where we're at," Pash said. "I think that's option. We're not taking anything off the table.

Of course, they could also extend, not a get deal done and enter a lockout anyway. It's all pretty speculative right now. Neither side is doing much talking (at the mediator's request).

I can't imagine them getting a deal done, so an extension would be the best possible news between now and the end of March 3rd.