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NFL Lockout: Sides Will Meet Thursday After 'Better Than Expected' Meeting

We're careful not to pump up any last minute reports of the negotiations between the NFL owners and players for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. We have to remember that, in the grand scheme of things, these two sides were still far apart very recently (as far as we know).

That said, Don Banks of tweeted that a source tells him Wednesday's meeting between the NFL and NFLPA -- which included several owners and active players -- went "better than expected". Unfortunately for fans who want football, this could just as easily mean, 'We were 100 miles apart and now we're just 99 miles apart.'

On Wednesday, we saw for the first time a large contingent of owners attend the meetings -- reportedly as many as nine -- so there's hope that their presence spurred some progress. 

After Wednesday's meeting with the players, the owners were heading to a hotel near Washington D.C. for their own set of meetings. 

The current CBA expires as midnight on Thursday night and the two sides will meet on Thursday to resume mediation. The best case scenario at this point seems to be hoping for an extension to the current deal giving both sides more time.