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NFL Lockout: Owners Apparently Now Silent As Meetings Continue

The gag order continues.

According to various media reports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has put a gag order on all owners as a lockout looms only one day away. The NFL and NFLPA both agreed to end public comments while under mediation. This new gag order apparently applies only to owners.

It must have happened very recently because this afternoon alone we've heard from owners Woody Johnson (Jets) and Jim Irsay (Colts). 

They may not be talking publicly but the owners are talking to each other. After Wednesday's mediation session with the NFLPA, owners met in a hotel outside Washington D.C. Following that meeting, some owners left while the NFL Management Council remained for more meetings.

It's unclear if the two sides will meet Wednesday evening for mediation, as it's been suggested. If they don't meet Wednesday night, they will on Thursday along with the federal mediator.

The expiration of the current agreement is 11:59 p.m. on March 3rd.