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NFL Owners Enact 'Boise State Rule'; Fields Must Be Shade Of Green

Can you imagine walking into the New Meadowlands Stadium and looking at blue turf a la Boise State?

If you can imagine it, don't expect it to turn to reality. At the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday it was announced that a new rule had been enacted that eliminates the possibility of blue turf.

NFL teams must have their field color approved by the league and it has to be a shade of green.

This is obviously a reaction to a couple of colorful fields we've seen in college football including the blue one at Boise State and the red one at Eastern Washington. Those fields are unique, to say the least, but the NFL wants no part of it, apparently.

As much fun as it is to see those fields, I like this rule change. It might be cool at first to see a Boise State or Eastern Washington-type field but looking at it every Sunday? I could do without that.

This was one of several rule changes put into place on Tuesday. Read about the changes to the kickoff and to replay on scoring plays.