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NFL Lockout: Bears, Broncos Join Packers By Claiming They'll Open Team Financial Records

While the Green Bay Packers' books are already open, the Chicago Bears are willing to join their NFC North archrivals in sharing their financial records with the National Football League Players Association, according to team president Ted Phillips, in the interest of ending the ongoing NFL lockout. The NFLPA has been requesting that information from all 32 teams for years.

The Denver Broncos have previously claimed willingness to open their records as a part of a new franchise emphasis on transparency. The article on Phillips mentions the Dallas Cowboys also being on board, but Jerry Jones has been one of the biggest opponents of sharing records with players.

Sure, it's kind of a PR move, especially if Dallas is actually on board. The Cowboys could actually use their recently built stadium to make their financial burden appear much worse than it really is. Fans can hope for a domino effect, with each team leading the next to share financial records, but this thing isn't likely to end any time soon either way.