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Balitmore Ravens' Tom Zbikowski Wins Another Boxing Match

During the NFL Lockout, many of the players are taking up different hobbies to bide their time. Bart Scott is wrestling. Chad Ochocinco is playing soccer. And Tim Zbikowski is boxing. So far, he's doing a pretty good job of it.

Zbikowski won a four-round decision against Caleb Grummet Saturday night at the Adrian Phillips Ballroom at Boardwalk Hall.

He also threw a Tiger Uppercut that would have made Sagat weep:


Photo: Chris Farina-Top Rank

Grummet, a mixed-martial arts fighter by experience, gave Zbikowski all he could handle. He outweighed Zbikowski by 20 pounds got in a few good shots at the fight went on. Still, it wasn't enough to top Zbi on the judge's cards.

Zbikowski moves to 3-0. He originally planned to fight every couple of weeks, but this type of fight might force him to take a little more time off. That is, unless Ochocinco finally accepts Zbi's offer to fight in the middle of M&T Bank Stadium.

Ravens site Baltimore Beatdown will be following Zbikowski's boxing results.