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NFLPA's 2011 NFL Draft Party Will Take Place Over Three Days, Not Clash With Televised Selection

Reports leaked out that the NFLPA was set to have a 2011 NFL Draft event on the Saturday of the draft, not to conflict with the league's televised draft coverage, but a new report from ESPN's Adam Schefter has clarified the NFLPA's plans. The NFLPA, who are holding a separate draft event due to the NFL lockout, will now be holding their event over three days, from April 28 through April 30. As was previously suggested, their event will not conflict with the television coverage of the draft.

It's not a gimme that a majority of draftees will attend the NFLPA event instead of the draft itself. As we already reported earlier today, Adrian Clayborn is going to attend the draft. That's because, as Schefter points out, there's an interesting rule that throws a wrench in things.

Attendance for the players' association's events could be affected by a policy that allows draftees to interact with the team that drafted them up until the end of the draft on April 30.    

It will be interesting to see which players opt to attend the draft and which players decide to skip out.