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NFL Lockout: NFLPA Not Sold On Deadline Extension Proposal

We're starting to receive some more details on the latest news on the NFL lockout front.

There are talks of extending the current deadline by a week or two, according to Jim Trotter of The league proposed the extension Thursday morning and, according to reports, federal mediator George Cohen met with the league on Wednesday night and pushed for the two sides to extend the current deadline. 

The union apparently wants an indication that this is a genuine step toward a resolution. In other words, they may be asking the league for concessions in order to extend the deadline. 

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, the union is balking at the extension proposal because it doesn't contain specific language ensuring "that this is not a delay tactic."

If they don't extend it, then the NFLPA will likely file for decertification setting into motion some legal maneuvering on both sides.

If the union accepts the league's proposal to extend talks, it would stall the lockout talk. An extension doesn't guarantee a deal gets done but it's the best possible news we could hope for right now. The NFLPA would have to file for decertification this afternoon if a deal isn't done so we are truly in the final hours.