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Bart Scott Wrestling, Tom Zbikowski Boxing During NFL Lockout Time

Bart Scott might be the NFL's second-most pro wrestly player, behind only Clay Matthews himself, though we already know Scott cuts the best promos of anybody. With the NFL lockout so very nigh, Scott and Baltimore Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski will both have a chance to explore their talents at other athletic endeavors.

Please don't let James Harrison know about this; bull riders don't get paid enough for that kind of trauma.

Scott appeared on TNA Wrestling Wednesday night, and Zbikowski has scheduled a March 12 boxing match in Las Vegas. Zbikowski boxed while playing football at Notre Dame, even earning a 1-0 pro record

And here's video of Scott's TNA appearance. He weathers a racist joke from some guy who might be Scott Stapp, reps team Ric Flair, and shoves fellow jock Kurt Angle around during what looks to be a disrupted funeral at an Italian restaurant:

Strangely edited video there, with the scene during which Scott suffered his injury being removed out of respect for your queasy stomach. You realize how TNA has gotten a hold of you now, right? Scott didn't say a word on the mic. You'll have to tune in again to hear that!

Ordinarily NFL players aren't permitted to take part in dangerous activities like getting punched in the ear or staple-gunned into a burning casket filled with light bulbs, but with those contracts on hold they're free to take the risk.

And if there's any figure in athletics whose personality is big enough to match Rex Ryan's, it's Ric Flair. He and Scott will get along perfectly.