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Chad Pennington Suffers ACL Injury In Pick-Up Basketball Game

Bad news continues to follow Chad Pennington.

Pennington's career was thought to be over after his fourth shoulder surgery last year but he later said he would attempt a comeback in 2011. The Dolphins quarterback, who is not under contract for 2011, suffered an injury during a pickup basketball game that will require ACL surgery, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen

If Pennington had been under contract for the 2011 season, then it would have potentially set the stage for what I believe would be the first major lockout injury. Players are on their own during the lockout so if they're injured working out, teams will not be liable for their injuries meaning they can cut them at anytime.

Pennington has had a couple of very good seasons in the NFL but he'll be remembered more for injuries.

In the 2003 preseason, he suffered a fracture on his hand that cost him six games. In 2004, he suffered a torn rotator cuff that put him out for three games and after offseason surgery he had a substantial tear in the rotator cuff in the 2010 season.

By 2006, he was en route to the comeback player of the year but by 2008 Brett Favre's arrival -- which might be worse than an injury -- ended his time in New York.

He brought home the comeback player of the year award again in 2008 but both the 2009 and 2010 season were ended with shoulder injuries. 

We're not sure of the details of the injury but anytime you have the letters ACL in there, it's not a good thing. This may be how Pennington's career ends.