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Von Miller Among Players Attending 2011 NFL Draft Despite Lockout

Players are being put in an unusual predicament this year with the 2011 NFL draft and the NFL lockout. On the one hand, most players have a dream of walking across the stage at the draft. On the other hand, they'll be shaking the hand of the Commissioner who represents the owners in the middle of a labor dispute between owners and players.

It's not an easy decision to decide to attend the NFL draft but several players have already said they'll be there, including Texas A&M LB Von Miller. Here what he said in ESPN's report: 

I'm honored to get an invitation and I plan on being there," said Miller. "It's always been a dream of mine, having my name called and being able to walk across the stage and shake the hand of the commissioner [Roger Goodell]."

What's unique about Miller is that his name is on a lawsuit against the NFL. He'll be in attendance at an April 6th hearing for that lawsuit and then just a few weeks later he'll be walking across the stage and shaking Roger Goodell's hand. 

This is a tough one to figure out from Miller's viewpoint. It almost seems hypocritical for Miller to, on the one hand, sue the league, and, on the other hand, be part of the draft. It's sort of like having it both ways. That said, Miller said he doesn't feel it's hypocritical.