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NFL Lockout: Players Agree To Second Extension; Awaiting Owners Decision

On Thursday, with hours until the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires, the NFL owners and NFL Players Association agreed to a 24-hour extension in order to buy more time to work out a new deal or, more likely, another extension.

Sports Business Journal reports federal mediator George Cohen has convinced the union to agree to a 7-10 day extension and they're awaiting word on whether the league will agree.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and several NFL executives met with Cohen early on Friday morning. It's unclear whether they'll agree to an extension but the momentum certainly seems to be heading that way.

If the two sides agree to a 7-10 day extension, it's believed there's been enough momentum lately that the two sides could come to an agreement before the end of the month. Things can change but, for now, that's where it looks like this is headed if the owner agree to another extension.

As Andrew Brandft of National Football Post notes, don't underestimate the PR value of the players first agreeing to another extension. If it doesn't go through, they'll be able to point the finger at the league for shutting down football.