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Greg Jennings Finally Talks About His Legendary Presence On YouTube

Greg Jennings made an appearance with ESPN this past weekend, and while answering questions from some fans, somebody finally asked him about the infamous (and NSFW) YouTube clip featuring his Madden likeness, and some of the best narration in YouTube history.

His answer is here:

He laughed and explained, "If I never became famous playing football, he made me famous on YouTube." He said his teammates loved it, too. How could they not? We all did.

There was even a player for the Falcons who... Well, we'll let Jennings tell it. "I kid you not, he's coming up to me every single play, saying, 'Gregggg Jennnnnings, you gotta put the team on your back.' And I'm like, seriously we're beating you guys really bad, why don't you put the team on YOUR back?"

First of all, that's awesome.


And second, that's gotta be the first instance of YouTube trash talking in league history. You know? Maybe Web 2.0 really is changing the way we interact with each other. And if Web 2.0 means more attention for this dude, then let the revolution begin. With a HEAVY NSFW-warning on language, here's the video Jennings was talking about:

And as an added bonus, here's another clip, narrating Marshawn Lynch in beast mode:

(HT to @WillBrinson for the video)