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NFL, NFLPA Forced Into Mediation By Judge Susan Richard Nelson, According To Reports

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Judge Susan Richard Nelson has told the NFL and NFL players that she will impose forced mediation on them early this week.

While the league wanted mediation to continue in Washington D.C., and the NFL Players’ Association wanted mediation to continue in Minnesota. Judge Nelson will decide what she feels is best and announce her decision early this week. After the Friday conference call, Judge Nelson also told both sides to be quiet.

Nelson previously recommended that mediation continue under the oversight of the federal court of Minnesota, but that announcement has not been officially made.

This is good news for fans, first and foremost. These two sides might not have a choice but to figure out a solution if Judge Nelson has any say. If there were ever a time for football fans to love the judicial system, this would be it. We’ll find out more about the official announcement soon.