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Kevin Kolb Trade Rumors Popping Up Again

There can't be any trades while the NFL lockout is going on but that hasn't stopped media folks from speculating on what might happen if/when the lockout is lifted. One of the topics of conversation is QB Kevin Kolb trade rumors. The Philadelphia Eagles QB is under contract but, with QB Michael Vick in the fold, it's believed the Eagles will look long and hard at trading Kolb.

What would the cost of such a move be? Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 reports that three of four scouts he's talked to would give up a first round pick for him.

The obvious caveat? 

Scouts aren't the final decision-maker on personnel moves....but that doesn't mean they're not informed. A Kolb trade could also require a new contract, which would be a risky move considering he hasn't done much on the field. SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation wonders if a new contract for Kolb would really be necessary.

He's on a team friendly deal right now and while I'm sure his agents would like him to get paid before he proves whether or not he can play over the course of a whole season, he's never given the indication that he's the kind of guy that would hold out. Especially not when his opportunity to prove himself has finally arrived.

The draw of being a starter is a big one but is it big enough for Kolb to forgo a shot at being a starter? I'm not so sure, as BGN suggests.

This will continue to be in the news and rumors will be floating around. Unfortunately, until the NFL lockout is lifted, it's just that -- rumors.

For more on a possible Kolb trade, check out Bleeding Green Nation.