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Bengals Owner Not Convinced Carson Palmer Will Retire

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the most interesting teams in the 2011 NFL draft because of the QB Carson Palmer question. As everyone knows by now, Palmer says he wants to be traded or he'll retire from the NFL. That sounds a little crazy but nearly everyone seems to believe him.

Everyone, that is, except for Bengals owner Mike Brown. Clark Judge of reports that Brown isn't yet convinced Palmer will retire if he remains a Bengals.

SB Nation's Cincy Jungle sees the writing on the wall and wonders why Brown can't see the same.

The rest of the world - those of us who are paying attention to the Carson Palmer trade demands at least - is able to read the writing that's been on the wall for a long time: Carson Palmer is going to retire before he puts on a Bengal uniform again. Marvin Lewis is moving onPalmer's house is on the market, all the talking heads all say he's serious,  and Chloe the psychic and that octopus that predicted the World Cup have both agreed that Palmer has made up his mind.

The Bengals are notoriously stubborn with things like this so they very well may test Palmer. Unfortunately, the losers in a scenario like that would likely be the Bengals. Either Palmer holds true to his threat and doesn't play leaving Cincinnati with very few quarterback options, or the Bengals have an unhappy quarterback under center.

The 2011 NFL draft should tell us a lot about how the Bengals really feel but I have a feeling Brown isn't kidding around.

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