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Report: Giants Vs. Redskins Week 1; Giants Vs. Jets On Christmas Eve

More leaks of the 2011 NFL schedule are starting to come out. In fact, Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger has the entire New York Giants 2011 schedule (and if I'm not mistaken, he had the entire thing a few hours early last year as well).

Highlights include the Giants playing the Redskins in Washington in Week 1. Assuming the lockout is lifted, that game will take place on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The obvious story line is New York and Washington D.C. as two sites of the terrorist attacks.

The report says the Giants will play the Rams in New York on Monday Night Football in Week 2. That seems like an odd matchup, especially early in the season. It's possible they want to highlight an up and coming team like the Rams.

The much anticipated Giants and Jets matchup will reportedly occur on Christmas eve. That game will obviously be played in New York since they share a stadium.

Check out the entire Giants schedule at the Star-Ledger.