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2011 Monday Night Football Schedule Starts With Patriots-Dolphins

The 2011 NFL schedule has been released which means we now know the dates of all the regular season games. It also means we know the Monday Night Football schedule.

The MNF schedule will kick off in style with a double header: Patriots vs. Dolphins and Raiders vs. Broncos. The Redskins will play the Cowboys in Week 3 reviving an old-school rivalry while the Chargers will once again face the Chiefs on MNF in Week 8. The Jaguars have two MNF games which is a bit of a surprise considering they're not considered one of the NFL's elite teams and don't reside in one of the largest markets.

Here's the complete Monday Night Football schedule:


Week 1: New York Jets vs. Houston Texans

Week 2: Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants

Week 3: New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders

Week 4: Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks

Regular season

Week 1: Patriots vs. Dolphins, Raiders vs. Broncos

Week 2: Rams vs. Giants

Week 3: Redskins vs. Cowboys

Week 4: Colts vs. Buccaneers

Week 5: Bears vs. Lions

Week 6: Dolphins vs. Jets

Week 7: Ravens vs. Jaguars

Week 8: Chargers vs. Chiefs

Week 9: Bears vs. Eagles

Week 10: Vikings vs. Packers

Week 11: Chiefs vs. Patriots

Week 12: Giants vs. Saints

Week 13: Chargers vs. Jaguars

Week 14: Rams vs. Seahawks

Week 15: Steelers vs. 49ers

Week 16: Falcons vs. Saints