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Top Week 1 Games On NFL Schedule Includes Steelers-Ravens

The 2011 NFL schedule has been released. We've looked at the Monday Night Football scheduleThursday Night Football schedule and the Sunday Night Football schedule. But what we're concerned with now is the Week 1 schedule. 

Assuming the NFL lockout is lifted, here are my top three games of Week 1:

1. Steelers vs. Ravens: The easy pick would be to say the Saints vs. Packers is the top game but over the course of the entire season the Steelers and Ravens game means more. They're in the same division, they have a similar style of play and they historically play very close games. This is the best Week 1 game for me. I love watching these two teams play.

2. Saints vs. Packers: This will be our first look at the Super Bowl champs. The defending champs traditionally host the first game of the season on Thursday night and this time it will be the last two Super Bowl champions facing each other. Lambeau Field on Thursday night to open the season? That's a game I need to attend.

3. Cowboys vs. Jets: This game comes on Sunday Night Football and it will feature Jets head coach Rex Ryan against his brother Rob Ryan, who is the defensive coordinator of the Cowboys. If you follow the NFL, then you know how entertaining these two guys are. It doesn't hurt, either, that these are two of the better teams in the league. The Cowboys should be back to a playoff caliber team with QB Tony Romo back in the fold.