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2012 Super Bowl Odds After NFL Schedule Release

The 2011 NFL schedule has been released in its entirety so we know which teams will play and when they'll play. What we don't know is who is going to win each game, and who will eventually roll through the playoffs to become the next Super Bowl champion.

There are, however, odds on the next Super Bowl champ. has a set of Super Bowl odds and we figured with the NFL schedule released it would be a good time to revisit those.

Sitting at the top are the Packers and Patriots who are at 7/1. The Steelers, Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Saints and Jets follow them. All those teams have a legitimate and reasonable shot to win the Super Bowl. Of course, with the way things change in the NFL from year to year, it wouldn't surprise me if none of those teams won the Super Bowl.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Panthers have 125/1 odds against winning the 2012 Super Bowl. At the bottom with them are the Bills, Seahawks and Cardinals.

I'm still trying to figure out how the Jaguars, who are 65/1 Super Bowl favorites, managed to get two Monday Night Football home games on their schedule. That seems like quite the primetime hook-up for a team that the NFL odds say is in the middle of the pack.