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KC Chiefs Have Brutal Five-Game Stretch On 2011 NFL Schedule

Every team in the NFL has at least one difficult stretch in their 2011 NFL schedule. For some, it's back-to-back games against playoff teams and for others it's six or seven straight hard games. Though I can't say for sure, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs may have the hardest five-game stretch in the league.

It all starts in Week 11 when they head to New England to play the Patriots on Monday Night Football. The Pats had the best record in the NFL last year at 14-2. From there, the Chiefs play the AFC's representative in the Super Bowl -- Pittsburgh Steelers -- on Sunday Night Football. They go on the road for two games against the Chicago Bears and New York Jets before wrapping up their difficult five-game stretch with a home game against the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers.

So they have the best team in the regular season last year in the Patriots, along with the four participants in the AFC and NFC championship game last year.

The Chiefs play one playoff team in their first nine games (Indianapolis Colts) before hitting this brutal stretch against 2010's best teams.