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Ruling On NFL Lockout Could Be Coming By Monday

A ruling on the motion to lift the NFL lockout could be coming on Monday. Gary Myers of the NY Daily News (via PFT) reports he's "hearing" a decision could be coming on Monday so, while it's not set in stone, we may be getting closer to the next step in the lockout.

Myers also notes that the players are "heavy favorites" to win this round of litigation which isn't a major surprise either. After the hearing last week between the NFL, NFLPA and Judge Susan Nelson, that was the vibe many were getting. 

Unfortunately, Nelson's decision won't be the last of the lockout. She could rule in favor of the players but the league would undoubtedly appeal which would leave us waiting once again. The real leverage comes from whoever wins the appeal.

The two sides entered mediation at the request of Nelson last week and that continued until Wednesday when Chief Magistrate Arthur Boylan, who was presiding over mediation, adjourned the two sides until May 16

With a "breakaway" group of players potentially seeking their own representation in the lockout, time is critical for the players.