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Wes Welker: 'Let's Do A Lockout Every Year'

Not every NFL player is frustrated to be dealing with an uncertain future and an offseason away from their teams. Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker is actually sounding pretty chipper about the NFL lockout:

"Let’s do a lockout every year."

Welker's kidding. Sort of.

Speaking at his football camp in Oklahoma, Welker explained some of the benefits to a less regimented offseason.

"It's awesome because I'm on my own schedule," said Welker, who led the NFL with 123 receptions in 2009. "I don't have to talk to anybody; I don't have to see anybody. You see some of the same faces all the time. It's kind of nice not to have to look at them anymore and see them. I'm kind of enjoying it.

"I like being able to train on my own and be able to do some of my things. It's good to be with the team, but it's kind of nice."

But Welker also acknowledged that things may come to a head soon.

"I think once people start losing paychecks, it'll probably be a little bit different. But I'm not too concerned right now," Welker said. "Hopefully at some point we get a deal done.

"I just know as players — I can speak for myself — I just want to play ball. Hopefully come fall, that's what we're doing."

Quotes from the Associated Press via the Boston Herald.