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NFL Lockout Decision Allows Players, Coaches To Speak

The NFL lockout had prevented players and coaches from speaking as all lines of communications were cut-off by the work-stoppage. With a lockout in place, players were on the outside looking in, unable to even exchange greetings with coaches. Offseason activities, workouts and the use of team facilities were also off-limits, leaving players scrambling to work themselves into game-shape as the offseason dragged on. With Judge Susan Nelson's ruling on Monday, the rules changed, and lines of communication between players and coaches were suddenly reopened.

According to Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter, some players and coaches are already taking advantage of the lifted lockout. In a smart move, position coaches are reportedly contacting their players in an effort to gain a quick advantage while they can.

was just told that some players have been contacted by their position coaches, who are capitalizing on this time of limbo. smart move?less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The lines of communication could quickly be cut-off again, so it's a race against time for many players and coaches. The NFL will request an immediate stay, perhaps putting the lockout rules back into affect. If the stay is granted, players and coaches would, once again, be barred from speaking, just as they were before.

But for teams dealing with coaching changes, Monday is a prime time to distribute playbooks and get as much football information out as possible.

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