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NFL Lockout Is Over And Some Players Plan To Go To Work

The NFL lockout was lifted following Judge Susan Nelson's on Monday evening and the NFL owners have filed their appeal and will request that the lockout stays in place during the appeal process. 

But that ruling won't come down until sometime tomorrow so it appears for a few hours -- at least until Tuesday morning -- the NFL lockout is lifted.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the league won't start the new league year until they have had the opportunity to seek a stay. But according to Judge Nelson's ruling the lockout is lifted right now so, in theory, they should be able to show up.

Ryan Clark and some Pittsburgh Steelers players plan to test that on Tuesday -- they're going to show up to work.

"I'm trying to get guys there at 8 o'clock, to get out there and show we want to be here, we want too be part of this organization and we want to be on the field," Ryan Clark told the Post-Gazette this evening. "We want to show this is not a litigation process but an attempt to have football in 2011."

Other coaches are operating as if the lockout is lifted, even if for a few hours, by contacting their players.

As SB Nation's Brian Floyd put it, this has a bit of a Wild, Wild West feel. It seems as if everyone is operating under a different set of rules.