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With NFL Lockout Lifted, Some Players Go Into Team Facilities

Judge Susan Nelson's ruling on Monday night officially lifted the NFL lockout. For how long? We should find out today as the league goes through the appeals process but for at least a few hours on Monday night and a few hours on Tuesday morning the NFL lockout will be lifted.

That means players can enter their team facilities, which they weren't allowed to do during a lockout. Some players, like Panthers kicker Jon Kasay, are doing just that. Mike Cranston of the AP reports Kasay showed up to the Panthers facilities for about 10 minutes and then left.

Players aren't going to the team facilities to actually work out. They're showing up to possibly reserve the ability to sue if they don't get their work out bonuses. I say "possibly" because no one really knows what's going on (and anyone who says they do is probably guessing).

So at least one player has gone to the facility, hung out for a few minutes, and left. The league originally suggested they wouldn't be opening their doors despite Judge Nelson's ruling but has since told its teams they need to abide by the ruling and allow players in.

The league is appealing to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday so the facilities may not be open for long.