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Albert Haynesworth Indicted On Sexual Abuse Charges

Even with the NFL lockout, Albert Haynesworth can't keep his name out of the news.

The Washington Redskins defensive tackle has been indicted on charges of misdemeanor sexual abuse, according to NBC Washington. 

Last February Haynesworth was accused of fondling a woman at a Washington D.C. hotel.

A waitress claimed Haynesworth tried to pay his bill around 1:30 a.m. and, when handing the waitress his credit card, asked if it was OK to stick the credit card in her blouse because her hands were full with glasses. She nodded yes and, according to the report, Haynesworth slid the credit card into her blouse and then "started to caress her breast."

Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, said at the time that there appeared to be no truth to the allegations.

The league office will likely be interested in the result of this case as the personal conduct policy will apply because the incident took place before the NFL lockout.

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